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Los Angeles, CA Community Profile (Essay Sample)

Create a general profile of Los Angeles, California community. The profile should be 350 to 700 words in length. In the profile, describe the following: · Type of people who live in the community · Type of work the residents do · How and where members of the community interact such as festivals, grocery stores, community events, and so forth · Address the following questions in the profile: o How would you describe the responsibilities of the individuals to the community? o What are the community's responsibilities to the individuals? o As a member of this community, what do you think it means to be socially responsible? source..

Los Angeles, CA Community profile
Different from other cities in the state, Los Angeles is the largest city which grows, though at a relatively slow rate of about one half of one percent every year. The city is famous due to Hollywood, traffic as well due to the suburban sprawl located in the southern California along the coast. The fact of it being a major center of global trade and the twin ports of LA and long Beach makes it more famous since 40 percent of total United States import happens in this city.
Los Angeles city is known to comprise of different people from different ethnicities and social classes. The city has prominent people, the rich middle class as well people living in the streets struggling for survival. This has made it possible for the city to develop and becoming unique compared to other cities since due to different ethnicities and social classes, people in the city are open-minded, more casual, more progressive and more laid-back compared to people from other parts of Los Angeles making the city too be a total generalization.
Los Angeles is described as a city that no one will regret after visiting since it`s seems like a little heaven on earth. Due to the fact that it comprises of all people from different ethnicities, they are as well grouped to their living standards by the type of work they do. In Los Angeles, there are those who own restaurants and this and big business which make them to be the high ...
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