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Looking For Alaska: Interesting Element Of Death In The Book (Essay Sample)


In a (2) paragraph response, discuss Miles Halter's eulogy to Alaska Young. In your response, you might want to consider the following issues:
• What does Miles's final essay say about death? About the afterlife? About forgiveness?
• How do you presume Miles will move forward, both personally and in regards to his friendships, following Alaska's death?
• Has Miles found his Great Perhaps?
• How will Miles move forward out of the labyrinth?
In your answer, please be specific with quotes from the text and display your most sophisticated writing style.


Miles brings out an interesting element of death in the book. This is especially the case considering the fact that he visions death as an escape. In this notion that is crafted from talking with Alaska, who feels that death is an escape from the suffering that is going through in their life. It is an approach that considers death as an escape of the present and imagining the future is like imagining a kind of nostalgia. According to Alaska, one spends much of their time alive, stuck in a labyrinth. It only through death that one is finally set free. When referring to the afterlife, Miles feels that it is a good place as he wishes

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