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Willy Loman's Lonely Character in Death of a Salesman (Essay Sample)


You have to write an essay sample on Willy Loman's Lonely Character In Death Of A Salesman


Willy Loman's Lonely Character in Death of a Salesman
Willy Loman's Lonely Character in Death of a Salesman
In 1949, a play was written and produced about Willy Loman. He realizes that despite years of travelling as a salesman, he is a failure as a husband. He feels empty, more especially, upon knowing that despite all his hardships, he is a failure as a father for his sons, Happy and Biff. Throughout the play, his fading career is being highlighted. It was likewise shown his escapism by means of dreamy reminisces. He dreams of several ideal occurrences that could have happened for him in the past. In the climax of the story, his son, Biff wanted to sever his ties with his father and eventually concedes that he was put to jail for three-long months. He put into mockery the belief of Willy on “smile and a shoeshine.” Overwhelmed with bitterness and broken-hearted, all of his daydreams, fantasies, and delusion are shattered, elusive, and distant causing him to commit suicide and eventually ends his life.
This is considered as a tragedy play. It depicts the last day of Willy Loman. Everything in the play and every words uttered revolves around Willy. His relational experiences bring about several reactions and inspirations. The admissions, denials as well as the fantasies of Loma Family is also subsume during the story. Through the whole of the play abandonment, mental disorder—and denial are evident and prevalent among the plot of the story as well as in its setting and characters.
All Willy Loman wants is wealth and success. All he ever asked for is wealth and success for his children, his family. However, despite all of his efforts, his desire either for his own or his family never came true. Both Happy and Biff, never attained exceptional accomplishments thus making her so lonesome. He believes that to become attractive and well-liked will bring you eventual success. However, when all is said and done, his denial, lies, and low self-esteem only brought failures to his family. Struggles of bringing his pride is so remarkable owing to his self-doubt. He

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