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Logos Assignment Literature & Language Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Instructions: For this assignment, you are to compose ONE paragraph that analyzes the rhetorical strategy of Logos. Your analysis will contain the following components:


                                                           ESOL 100 Online - Logos Assignment – 10%

                                  Due Date: Tuesday, July 21, 11:59 pm through Blackboard

Instructions: For this assignment, you are to compose ONE paragraph that analyzes the rhetorical strategy of Logos. Your analysis will contain the following components:

Topic Sentence

Your topic sentence will contain the paraphrased main idea sentence in APA format. Afterwards, you need to explicitly state whether you think the article is persuasive, unpersuasive, or somewhat persuasive.

Supporting Details

For this assignment, you only need to analyze two separate instances of Logos from the article. Is the author effective in her employment of Logos? To demonstrate this in your paper, paraphrase the argument with its paragraph reference, then mention the evidence the author provides to support that argument. Then, critique the argument and its evidence. Does the evidence support the argument? Here is the format of what each critique should look like:

First, mention the Argument
Then, mention the Evidence
Finally, provide your Critique

Concluding sentence

Assess what the author needs to do to improve her overall argument. If you think her argument is sufficient, explain why.

Special tips

a. The main idea of the article is found in paragraph 18. Be careful which part of that paragraph you decide is the actual main idea.

b. Make sure you understand very clearly how the author feels about blended courses, online courses, and face-to-face courses. Understand how each type of course impacts low level and high level learners.

c. Use the CRAAP analysis to guide your critiques. Most of the evidence in the article is research based. Explore all of the links the author provides carefully. The CRAAP analysis guide can be found in Module 7.

Word count: Approximately 350-400 words. Mention the word count in your paragraph.



I will evaluate your assignment in the following way:

Formatting – 2%
• The Word count is mentioned on the assignment (350 words).
• There are quotations around words and phrases from the text with paragraph references.
• The student uses proper paragraph formatting with indentation (1 paragraph only).
• The main idea sentence is in APA format

Content – 7%
• There are two examples of logical appeals in total.
• There is an evaluation of the persuasive merit of each example you provide.(the analysis includes specific reference to type of evidence and analysis, analogy, counter argument etc.)
• Your main idea sentence is an accurate paraphrase of what the main idea/thesis of the article is.
• There is an explanation of whether or not the logical appeals the author makes strengthen or weaken the author’s argument.
• The concluding statement describes whether the article is persuasive or not with an explanation. The student should suggest improvements that would make the article more persuasive.

Grammar and Mechanics 1%

  • Writing is clear and concise, demonstrating some variety in

      sentence structure and vocabulary

  • Uses appropriate word choice (WC)
  • Grammar and mechanical errors may be present, but they generally do not interfere with meaning




Logos are concepts that appeal to the audiences sense or reason or logic. In the paper presented to us, the author uses sound arguments and cited resources to support her claims and her points. One argument that she presents is that the effectivity of online classes in imparting knowledge is significantly less that traditional learning models. This claim is supported by the fact that there are indeed students who need special attention and special teaching methods, but those students are forced into online classes as well. Thinking about it logically, it makes sense, because guidance from a teacher is crucial especially for students who lack self motivation and organization when it comes to school work. These can b

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