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Article Review: Can Living Abroad Make You More Creative? (Essay Sample)


Project 1 step-by-step
Step 1: Find an article
First, locate a ​credible article, relevant to your chosen topic​. It should be published in the last five years and from one of the following sources.
● Pew Research Center​. If you cannot find an article on Pew Research
● Social Issues Research Centre
● Psychology Today
● Gallup
● Five Thirty-Eight
● The Atlantic
**select an article that focuses on people's opinions, beliefs, or actions on the topic​--for example, students use of smartphones in class, Americans' opinions on proposed immigration changes, public concerns over nuclear missiles, etc.
Step 2: Read and make margin notes on your article
Read​ your selected article carefully.
Complete the "Write" activity on p. 129-130 of your CGR textbook. To submit it:
●make notes directly on the electronic source using Apple Preview, Adobe Acrobat,
DocHub (via Google docs), etc., upload the marked PDF article to your FLE 101>Project 1 Folder.
Step 3: Write a draft of your article summary
Review the​ Project 1 Assignment Details​ ​and ​Project 1 Student Samples​ (in the "Project Details, Rubrics & Samples" Moodle block).
A few reminders:
● Begin your summary with a​ clear introduction​ that includes the type of work, title, author, and main point
○ Ex: In the Pew Research article, "Four Kinds of Reading," sociologist Donald Hall, presents his research on how people have different reading habits.
● Generally, use the ​simple present tense​.
● Do not include your own ideas, opinions, or interpretations in the summary.
● Use ​attribution phrases​ for every sentence that includes an idea, phrase, or quotation
from the article. Doing so reminds the reader this is a summary, and clearly shows that the ideas came from another source--not you.
○ Ex:​ "According to the author...." "The author goes on to add that..." "Moreover, as the article mentions..."
● Include an ​evaluation ​explaining ​why you selected ​this particular article and ​what you might want to research more specifically ​about this topic in Projects 2-4.
● Include a ​complete reference citation​ below the summary.


Article Review – Can living abroad make you more creative?
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January 19, 2018
The article discussed in this paper is written by Art Markman entitled Can Living Abroad make you More Creative? Markman is a Ph.D. in psychology and Marketing at the University of Texas and focuses his studies on subjects like motivation, reasoning, decision making, and creativity. This extensive knowledge that he has towards reasoning makes his article credible in providing a discussion of the matter. In is article, he discussed how living abroad could make an individual creative in almost every aspect of his life. This includes foreign students who are living abroad just as people who are working in different countries. He also discussed on what exactly makes an individual living abroad “more creative” and/or what does an increase in creativity mean. In the recent studies cited, it was found out that the main reason that by living in a foreign country, one could immerse his/herself in a “multi-cultural experience”. This kind of immersion provides people with different ways of thinking, dressing, perceiving, talking, etc. as they interact with one another and gets exposed to the idea that a similar problem could then have a different solution. This is particularly how creativity was defined in the article. To back up this discussion, the article cited a test that was done by Maddux, Adam, and Galinsky, which was then published in the Personal

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