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Literature & Language Essay: Position paper 2 on (CHINA) (Essay Sample)


This paper needs 7 to 10 sources. The questions in the picture attached is about China. The questions needs to be answered per paragraph. “Main topic is about Youth employment and economic growth”


Position Paper 2 On (China)
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Position Paper 2 On (China)
Affecting countries globally, youth unemployment is a matter that has devastating effects on the youth in the society, and the economic growth of a nation. China has a very high population with a high youth unemployment rate over the past couple of years. This text explores the youth labor market in China, the causes and consequences of youth unemployment, and what the government and business can do to address this big challenge.
China’s youth labour market is currently low with recent research indicating a slight increase in the last few months. In the last couple of years, China has registered a consistently low youth labor market. This is due to the growing enrollment of students in secondary and tertiary institutions of learning. This high enrollment rate in return gives a large number of skilled graduates ready for the job market (Wu, 2009). Considering that hundreds of millions of students graduate from these institutions every year, lacking enough jobs to accommodate them, many of these youths, both skilled and non-skilled go jobless.
There are some key factors that bring about the high rate of youth unemployment in China. One of them being, the limited work experience among the youth lowers their chances of landing a good job since most employers prefer those with more job experience. In recent years, there has been a growing use of industrial robots in industries and this has led to reduction of the employment share in some sectors and reduced rates of hiring more workers leading to increased unemployment. Another major factor that causes unemployment, is the very high and growing population of China which also has a high percentage of youths. This in turn leads to oversupply of graduates to an economy that does not have enough jobs for all of them. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus in the country, a lot of youths lost their jobs considering that most youths are usually based in the informal sector, for example, the tourism sector (Che & Du, 2020). The virus has also limited a lot of trading activities some of which youths are involved in. In addition, recent conflicts between China

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