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Listeng: Mother and Father are Having a Private Conversation (Essay Sample)


This is my three listening/non-listening styles and three response style I think you use most frequently. Selective listing, Defensive listening, Pseudo-listening. This three of them are my non-listening styles. My response style are Active-Questioning, Passive Silence and Directive-Supporting.It should include the following information: A. Time and place B. 
People involved C. Situation D Style of listening E. response style F. Outcome 
Please Answer the following questions relating the summary of your data.
1. Did you anticipate the results of you listening log? Did you find that the styles you used most frequently were the ones you prior to collecting the data?
2. Which listening/ non-listening and response styles did you use most frequently? Does it seems this is your usual listening style?Are there things you can work on to listen "better"
3. Do you see any patters? (Do particular situations or people or time of day connect with certain listenig/non-listenig behaviors or response styles?
4. What do you feel were the effects of your listenig patters? Did they have the desired effect?

(Its noon and mother and father are having a private conversation as I enter into the room and interrupt their discussion..)
Daughter: Dad I really need a phone?
Father: But I think we had gone over this….
Daughter: But Bob has one and why not me?
Father: Bob is able to pay the phone bills, your mother and I reached an agreement that we will buy you when you are able to manage the bills.
Mother: And if I may ask who will cover your phone bills if we buy you one.
Daughter: I am speaking to Father
Father: Our decision is final wait until the appropriate time.
From the conversation I have embraced active questioning and directive support since I have questioned why Bob has a phone and explained the reason why I need one. My father also has used the directive support response and the active listening in explaining himself on why I should not have a phone. On the other hand my mother portrayed the selective listening and defensive listening styles since she was not concentrating on the conversation between me and dad but when dad pointed a point their decision him and her she commented in the conversation.
Prior the collection of data the same styles that are used are mostly used up in the conversation and thus urge to see the results was high. In the conversations I mostly used the active questioning and directive support as my forms of response while using the defensive listening and selective listening. In order to listen better I should avoid personal prejudice and putting the speaker to ease and most of...
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