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Limitless (Essay Sample)

This essay is about a plot device from a film, television show, or book and explore the economic implications of the plot device. In this essay the film \"Limitless\" was choosen. Thus the main idea of the essay is \"Limitless: People can access only 20% of their brain, but what if a revolutionary new pharmaceutical allow them to tap their full potential? What if just one tablet a day gives an access to 100% of their brain? What are the economic implications if human abilities are limitless?\" The essay will be evaluated based on this criteria: o Did the student explain the plot device adequately? o Is the question at hand interesting? o Did the student take their time evaluating the question from multiple angles? o Was the analysis insightful? Did the author think of something I didn't? source..

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The movie Limitless gives us a front row seat to what a world of limitless possibilities would be like. It follows the character of Cooper who gets an unlimited access to everything he has ever wanted when his abilities and imaginations are limitless. This fun make belief movie introduces us to the pill NZE whose dictum is "Accessing 100% of your brain Is possible.;
This follows the common myth that human beings use only 20% of their brains and correspondingly, human beings can only reach 20% of their potentials. What is also true is that we have been programmed to stretch our brains to certain levels, either because we have appreciated our current circumstance that we can only think so much, or because we feel that the next level thinking is untenable.
We all make decisions in considerations of some priorities in our life. But what guides us or compels us on how far we can go in the various areas that we consider important to us? The teenager who stretches to make $ 500 to buy a phone, or the young man who works extremely hard to make $ 2,000 in a month so that he can move to his own house, is there a rationale that they can only make that much? Does the young couple who make $ 6, 000 a month so that they can buy a new house set that goal because they are not in a position realistically to earn more to get an even better house?
Enters NZT. The common thread in the three examples above is what NZE the magic 1x1 pill seeks to solve. The consistently unfulfilled life, work and relationship, the aspiration to do things that you believe you would never accomplish, the wish that you would tap into all your unrealized potential. The implications of unlimited human abilities are bountiful.
In a world where human abilities were unlimited, people would have greater intelligence learning faster and also learning more. The people with this unlimited brain ability would enjoy indulgi...
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