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Legalization of Marijuana: The Plant Cannabis Sativa (Essay Sample)


avoid the use of is, are, it is, there, there are, alot and words that are vague. need a thesis statement and argue why is important to legalize weed. a detailed outline of the paper is due on 11/18/16 at 8am. the out line needs to include sources for the paper cited correctly in APA format. please use owl Purdue to cite it correctly. will need 4 different sentences from any of the sources used with your paraphrase underneath it. the original text from the sources should be 5 sentences and write your paraphrase underneath the original text. include your thesis statement in the detailed outline. * please the detailed out line should explain what the paper is about, the points you will be writing about and some topics if possible. the detailed outline is due on this Friday 11/18/16. will need a bibliography for the 8 sources on Monday 11/21/16 at 8am it should include what the sources is and what information is in the source how and where you used the source in the paper eg. i used this source for information about...... how does the source support your thesis. your reaction to the source( how useful or not useful the source is.) this is a lot of information so please send me a message if you have any question. the detailed outline can not be late is due this Friday at 8am


Legalization of Marijuana
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Legalization of Marijuana
Marijuana refers to a psychoactive drug, obtained from a parched and dried herbal of a female flower and other parts of the plant Cannabis Sativa. Globally, the drug goes by other names broader sense such as cannabis, ganja, bang hashish, cannabis, ganja among many others. The subject of whether to legalize marijuana or not has been a cause of disagreement and controversial issue in the society today. As much as many attacks have been made about marijuana from different stakeholders, the truth has started to emerge, which seems to back the legalization of marijuana. However, these truths are treated with constant criticism due to the stereotypical perception of what people view as a vice and crime. The proponents of marijuana legalization have also attacked the opponents claiming that the latters' support on cannabis prohibition emanates from their personal interest. Additionally, in today's media mainstream, marijuana can be avoided to an extent that movies, music and TV shows with Marijuana contents cannot aired freely. The grounds the makes marijuana illegal tends to be unfair as marijuana has been the parts of America culture over hundred years. For that reasons, the drug has been vilified and and herald as a sensational drug by proponent who have branded it a doorway drug by opponents and projected as an avenue, rope and a platform of other possibilities. Despite these attacks from the opponents, Marijuana poses health, economic and social benefits that substantiate its legalization. From the research and empirics done on the drug, marijuana has proven to be beneficial to the US society for many reasons such as economy, health and even crime reduction. Under economic reasons marijuana legalization can promoted in a controllable manner by establishing a profitable and a taxable industry, and regulated as alcohol and cigarettes. Marijuana should be legalized as it has more benefits harm compared to other drugs, and grants individual entitled freedom of happiness, a constitutionalized right in the America constitution. Therefore, the advantages that marijuana brings both medically and economically are substantial enough to legalize its use medically or recreational in the United States.
In the US, approximately 28 states including, Colorado, Alaska, Arizona, Maryland, Michigan, Massachusetts, Oregon, Ohio among others have legalized marijuana consumption for medical purpose as well as for recreational purposes (Caulkins, Hawken, Kilmer, & Kleiman, 2012, June). The trend indicates that many people continue to side with the idea of legalizing marijuana in America. From many reasons, medicinal value associated with cannabis marks the primary reason many have supported the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana's medicinal values can be dated back in the history, nearly 5000 years ago, whereby the Western had embraced and promoted marijuana's medicinal properties by the beginning of the 20th century. The ancient physicians have published numerous literature recommending the use cannabis to cure different kind of disorders. The disorders include movement disorders, glaucoma, pain relief and nausea. Additionally, reports indicates that cannabis contains stimulating content that helps in boosting appetite for patients with HIV/AIDS or patients going through chemotherapy (Jacques, 2014, Janauary). Relatedly, studies shows that marijuana has useful contents that can be used in shrinking the aggressiveness of cancerous brain tumors. Researchers from San Francisco at California Pacific Medical Center confirmed that the chemical cannabidiol found in marijuana prevents cancer by suppressing a gene called Id-1 as cancerous cells can replicate copies of this gene than non-cancerous cells, which tend to trigge...
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