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Leading Change/Personal Change (Essay Sample)


One file is the requirement of this Project, and the other is the speech to be given in this Project.
Write a Paper of six pages and answer five questions on the other page.
There are still two files for the Proposal of this Project before. It is not necessary to write the Proposal exactly as before, but I hope to write this Personal Change in the extended content. The teacher requires that each part should have a header.


Leading Change/Personal Change
Due Date
Leading Change/Personal Change
My Personal Change
My personal change goal, and it has been for a while now, is to eliminate the aspect or habit of procrastinating. Someone who procrastinates puts things away in the hope that they will do them later. However, as many will agree, when you procrastinate, you not only reduce your energy to do something but also reduces the resolve to work and deliver on something. Procrastinating has cost me a lot of opportunities, and I find myself in situations where I am blaming myself and further draining my energy to pick myself up and do something or finish what I started. I have learned, though the hard way, that a person who procrastinates cannot be an effective team player. When you cannot be effective on your own, it is quite difficult to effect change while in a group. This has thus forced me to want to work hard and to make sure I do not identify myself as a person who procrastinates.
Initial versus Desired State versus Current State
As many people who have developed the habit of procrastinating will agree, procrastination leads to disappointments and a person ends up blaming themselves. However, my desire to change this behavior has grown and is quite real. Below is a table showing my current state versus my initial state versus my desired state.
Initial State
Current State
Desired State
* I missed 80% of my deadlines.
* I did not use or saw the need to use a planner.
* I did not plan my assignments ahead of time.
* I often had my friends around while working on my assignments.
* I wake up late four times a week.
* I always fear when given responsibility.
* I meet 60% of my deadlines.
* I happen to use a planner albeit not consistently.
* I plan 40% of my assignments ahead of time.
* I rarely have friends around while working on my assignments.
* I wake up early three times a week.
* I still fear when given responsibility, but I have learned to tame this fear.
* I meet 100% of my deadlines.
* Consistently using a planner.
* Planning all my assignments ahead of time.
* Having zero friends around while working on my assignments.
* Waking up early every day of the week (even on weekends)
Being free of fear regardless of the task at hand.
Action Plan
There are several things I plan to do to get to my desired state. I intend to keep striving and taking the necessary steps to make sure I am able to get to where I want. My action plan includes several things, and they are as discussed below.
Firstly, I have to consistently use my calendar and set timelines and reminders for different tasks. The lack of setting timelines has always led me to think that I have things under control even when they are almost breaking down. Setting timelines is crucial as it will help me develop self-discipline and allocate time to different tasks.
The second thing on my action plan is to make sure my weekly assignments and tasks are divided into small goals. Having weekly as well as daily goals can help me achieve or accomplish tasks that I could not manage before. When I have a clear goal in mind and am working towards it, I believe this will help me find meaning in what I am doing.
I also need to find friends who will help me reach my goal. This is quite drastic or radical but I want to be a better person, and this involves taking extreme measures. I need to have friends who support me and want the best of me. So, I have to take measures to make sure my friends support...

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