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Leadership issues and challenges (Essay Sample)

Write a final paper of 750-1,000 words that summarizes the four levels of your personal model of leadership. Incorporate the instructor's feedback from the drafts of the four levels. Use "Creating a Personal Model of Leadership" to guide you. source..

Leadership Issues and Challenges
The knowledge of a personal model of leadership is an essential tool that helps in "accomplishing visions, goals, and plans" (Avolio and Gardner, 2005). It is important to define personal leadership because it lays the foundation for discussing the subject of a personal leadership plan. Consequently, personal leadership could be elucidated as the desire and capacity to crystallize thinking, hence, establishing a direction and destination for an identified course (Ekaterini, 2010). At this point, it is clear that a personal model of leadership is designed to help an individual meet set goals and objectives. There are four levels that can help an individual design an efficient personal model of leadership. These four levels include selecting values, identifying leadership mannerisms, identifying a clear approach and the impacts of one`s contributions. This paper summarizes the four levels used in developing a model of personal leadership by tackling all the four levels individually.
The first level used in creating a personal model of leadership is rating values that provide a foundation for the entire model. This owes to the reality that Avolio and Gardner (2005) assert that self-transcendent values and positive directed emotions are fundamental in developing authentic leadership models. Apparently, all leadership models possess basic beliefs and values that lay the foundation for the model. Consequently, the first level requires an individual to think and outline personal values that affect his/her thoughts or actions. The main reason for identifying such values and beliefs is that the set goals are achievable if an individual regulates her thoughts and actions (which are affected by personal values and beliefs) in accordance to the set objectives. Examples of values that can provide a foundation for the leadership model include courage, spirituality, trustworthiness, love, and integrity. Therefore, it is important to identify values proposed by a model when reviewing each leadership model.
The second level is identifying leadership mannerisms that result from those values. After identifying the basic beliefs and values that provide a foundation for the model, it is advisable to develop mannerisms that def...
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