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Leadership Handbook Entrances (Essay Sample)

Topic/Subject: Leadership Handbook Class/Course: Leadership 2 Areas I must include in the handbook-2 pages Subject Number of Pages: 4 Delivery Date: 27 May 2013 Type of Paper: Two entrance in a Leadership handbook Documentation/Citation style: The margin at 1.25 and the font at Arial 10 Work Details: --------------------------------- Sean John LEADING THROUGH EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION 2 pages w/2-3 sources LEADING INTERGENERATIONAL GROUPS 2 pages w/2-3 sources These are the areas I need covered for the Leadership handbook.The margin at 1.25 and the font at Arial 10 through your sections (like it is now - see attached). I have attached the course links and the Leadership handbook. I have two areas that are highlighted in yellow in the Leadership handbook that I must add to the book. The 2 areas that I have should be 2-3 pages each with at least 2-3 sources. You can use the material that I have attached for the sources if you like. Also I have already paid so please can you get the entrances added in the handbook in the next 24 hours. If someone else has already added their entrance. It should be like a transition into my areas from theirs. source..
Leading through effective communication In any given organization, effective communication conveys values as well as vision while developing good relationship with employees. Evidence shows that effective mangers are efficient communicators. Additionally, it is apparent that positive relationship among effective communication and satisfactory management and performance. In fact, in majority of successful corporations around the world have similar communication patterns. In most cases, these leaders actively implore new ideas and opinions from others. Moreover, they always search for fresh ideas. They also have persuasive abilities essential to induce others about the quality of their information. A leader with the objective to empower workers but seems bored in discussions will be considered as manipulative and deceitful. As such, leaders who are effective communicators should have the ability to coordinate both oral and non-oral conduct (Turner & Murdoch, 2003). On the other hand, information technology may not regularly increase communication; it has had a great effect on communication. By depending on technologies management within organizations can frequently contact workers without necessary being physically there (Oren, 2003). Management can be component of the virtual office where workers perform their duties as a team in spite of being separated. Some of the most widely used applications in virtual office include personal computers, fax machines, cell phones, pagers and so forth. There is also a three-approach for communication such as Skype, pal-talk and yahoo messenger (Oren, 2003). Regular communication with workers within an organization, clients and suppliers increases co-ordination. Simultaneously management can exercise leadership by encouraging, inspiring and convincing workers easily with technology compared to face to face alone. To ensure that communication with an organization is effective there is need for the communicator to be credible. Any attempt to convince or inspire starts with credibility of the communicator. For a long time it has been acknowledged that credibility is a vital aspect in persuasive procedure. In case the speaker is considered credible, then attempts to persuade communication is likely to be effective. Additionally a trustworthy speaker increases the chances of credibility (Turner & Murdoch, 2003). A manager with lying reputation will face challenges persuading workers regarding the importance of new strategies. Being considered as intelligent as well as well-informed is a main factor leading to credibility. The communicator should also integrate the message in a manner that meets listeners’ motivations and preferences. Management will receive attention when they encourage their employees that the organization will not outsource jobs from different countries. Consequently, management will get stakeholders support when they emphasize on how reduction in costs will increase earnings and boost dividends...
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