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Latinos and Immigration in the USA (Essay Sample)


Using the same chosen group as you wrote on before; (Latinos and Immigration in the USA)
You will need to interview someone within your chosen group. Examples of events include a cultural demonstrate. With your option you will need to write a 2 page reaction paper that describes your experiences speaking with the individual. You should be describing your experiences with specific detail which includes individual’s story, why it was important, what you learned, and how it contributes to better understanding your chosen group. Please use examples to illustrate what you mention.
My example
I interviewed my coworker: Maria she's from Mexico
Maria came to America at the age of 10, scared and shy
Maria was smuggled across the border by a family friend who her parents trusted
Maria was the oldest of 5 siblings, and her parents from a small poor village in Mexico, where her dad sold fruits and vegetables at a local market and her mom was a housekeeper. Together both parents couldn't support all the kids, and they made the decision to send Maria to America.
Maria parents thought to send her to America because she was the oldest and that she is getting older and she would be able to work and support her family back in mexico.
Maria parents knew that she was young but knew if she got good education Maria would get a good job.
Maria came to America undocumented under someones else identity, which at that time it was the only way out.
Maria lived with the family friend, for years. She was physically, and sexually abuse by strange women and men that the family friend would invite over.
Maria knew that this was not the right thing but she allow them to hurt her because at the end of it all, she would still get to call her family back home. The abuse went on from the age 12-15.
Maria went to elementary, and high school where she got her first job at a diner after school, Maria was happy because she would send money to her family in Mexico.
Maria always knew that she wanted to be someone in life and that she has a great family so that what she needed to do was finished high school go to college and get a degree.
Maria went to college and got a bachelors degree in nursing, meet the love of her life in college graduated and got married has two children, has a great job with a doctor.
Maria was able to file for residency for her mom and dad who then filed for residency for the remaining kids.
I chose to interview Maria because her personal is so sweet, she's a quite person, I felt that I could relay with her because I myself is an immigrant and had to leave my mom back in my country at the age of 13, t come to America to meet my dad to get an opportunity at the American Dream.
When I first asked Maria if I can interview her for my class paper and explain to her the topic I was working one she immediately she yes and that's no problem. I did my one on one interviews outside after lunch we would both go fr a walk where it's private. Maria answered all my questions, we both were holding back tears as some parts so painful to even speak about.
I learned from interviewing Maria that when you think your story is bad someone is dealing with a lot worst. I also learned that Latinos are very strong family oriented cultural of people, their love for family is deep.
please you can use different words, to make the essay sound great and you can change up parts of the interview if you like, it just needs to sound real, you can also use different events if you like to describe, parts of the interview.


Latinos and Immigration in the USA
Institutional Affiliation
Latinos and Immigration in the USA
Latinos make up a core part of the American social fabric. Their influences have been instrumental in shaping American societies in aspects such as politics, economics, and even cuisine (González, 2011). In interacting with Latino people, one thing that stands out clearly at all times is their love for family. It was this thing that struck me most as being quintessentially Latino. Their level of awareness with regards to family structures and the importance of maintaining close ties with family members served as a reminder of just how important familial systems are to Latinos.
During my interview with Maria, I learned just how important family is to the Latino culture. When Maria told me that she had to come to the US on her own and leave her family behind in Mexico, I was slightly shocked because I did not understand why her parents would send her to the US alone. It is only after she explained to me that she had to come in order to ensure that her family could follow years after that I got the big picture as far as her immigration is concerned. In every way, this demonstrated to me just how much family means to the Latino people. To her parents, the best that they could do for Maria was to send her to the US where she could get a good education and later a good job. To Maria, the best that she could do after being sent to the US was to

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