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No Language is More or Less Logical than Any Other (Essay Sample)


Task 1. write 1 1/2 pages defending or refuting the sentence below. Include citations to support your position.

No language is more or less logical than any other.

Task 2. For this task you will write your own linguistics history. Discuss factors that influenced your linguistic development. What ideologies were you exposed to? Which did you accept, and to what degree? Discuss foreign languages you've studied. Do you know the language well enough to survive in a country where this is the only language spoken? What would it take to survive? Tell whether you've ever been corrected for the way you said something? How did it make you feel? 2 1/2pages. (Lippi-Green, 2012)
Task one needs to have 1.5 pages, and task two needs to have 2.5 pages. All pages have to follow one inch margin, double space, time news aroma, 12 pt
Also, if you cite, you must be able to find the source. There must be APA in text citation in the article and references at the end
these two things are two separate tasks. They should also appear in two different files separately. The first task requires writers to write one and a half pages. While the second tasks require writers to write two and a half pages. Please revise it.
make sure that you write as a Chinese student whose native tongue is Chinese and second language is English when you write task two. You should pay attention to my linguistic learning experience , which is the fact that I only learned chinese as native tongue and English as a second language. English is the only foreign language I learned. You should not appear thinks like French in writing task two.


No Language is More or Less Logical than Any Other
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No Language is More or Less Logical than Any Other
The diversity of the population on the planet earth speaks a variety of languages. There are around 6,500 languages spoken in different parts of the world today (Comrie, 2009). These languages are always under discussions and debates in terms of degeneration paradox, recursion, morphological complexities and other attributes. Through these discussions and debates, the linguists of the past constructed a theory that languages can be more or less logical than one another (Falcon & Giaretta, 2019). The contemporary linguistics, refusing the philosophy, argues that no language is more or less logical than any other.

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