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How I Came To Know Christ And How The Church Program Shaped My Life (Essay Sample)


I started to know Christ from four years ago My grandmother and my aunt are Christians, they led me to know Christ, and before I did not have any idea of Christ until I slowly found the answer I discovered it was a very happy Happy things, I started to attend church activities with my aunt, I was a more introverted person, I was not very good at talking to strangers before, but when I first faced the members of the church to introduce myself, I I feel very relaxed and happy .Everyone with a smile on his face, I think this is what I want it, a loving society.I learned a lot in the church, such as how to pray, how to bless, I now Praying for my own family every morning, Christ made me find a lot of courage and happiness, and I thank my aunt my family.


How I came to know Christ and how the church program has shaped my life
I personally did not know Christ in my heart. Before I knew him, my life was completely ruined by the pleasures of the world. Discovering that Christ exists is on step but knowing him and hearing the word of God continually builds faith. My sisters got saved when they were young and at that time I had no idea of the importance of knowing Christ until my aunt and my grandmother introduced me to a certain church that I grew in while fellowshipping. This essay seeks to describe how I came to know Jesus, how I have built a good relationship with him and how the church has contributed in my spiritual growth.
My parents taught me that good deeds will lead us to heaven. Obeying parents, respecting the elders, and praying is not all

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