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Persuasive to keep secret security clearance (Essay Sample)

I am not in college, I am a soldier in the US Army. I need a persuasive letter written to my higher chain of command. I'm not very good with words, so that is why I am reaching out for this. Here's the situation. I have a secret security clearance required for my job. I am filing bankruptcy, which puts my security clearance at risk. When I file bankruptcy, I have the opportunity to submit this essay. The chain of command will then have the opportunity to decide if I keep my security clearance or not. Here's some details. I have been in the army since April 2008. I had this $40,000 of debt before coming into the army. I don't know why they gave me a secret security clearance at the time, but they did. The army was desperate for soldiers at the time. From the end of 2006, all the way to the very beginning of 2008, I had a cheating wife, I had a birth of a baby, and death of that same child. I only had a high school diploma, and was not able to keep a stable job. I was living off of credit cards and loans. I would have a job, and they would let me go once the position was not needed anymore. I also would have a second jobs, but my wife at the time would guilt me into quitting b/c "I wasn't spending enough time with her". She was very needy and immature. Without a steady job, there was no health insurance. I had my daughter in Sept 2007, she died Jan 2008 at 4 months old. All the bills fell onto me. After she died, I joined the army, and have been ignoring my debt ever since. I thought I could take care of the debt while in service. But I've found that's not possible. After Basic Training and AIT (advanced individual training) my wife and I had my son born in Nov 2009. I divorced my wife, and have sole custody of my son. It's just my son and myself. In the 3 1/2 years of being in the army, my debt increased to $50,000 from interest and fees. I have consulted with financial advisers in ACS (army community service), and they have suggested that bankruptcy is the best option. During my time in the army, I did get a couple of loans that I did pay off on time. That shows that I can be financially responsible. The purpose of this bankruptcy is b/c there was a short point in my young life where everything was un-controllable. I was not taking control of my life, and let my immature ex-wife destroy a family. I have divorced her, and taken control of my life. I am a good soldier, and much more wise with my money. I am ready to put my past behind me. I need to start fresh and show I am responsible from this point forward. Filing bankruptcy also allows me to not be a security risk. Filing bankruptcy prevents any type of leverage on the enemy's side. I am no longer a risk, and this also allows me to show how truly financially responsible I am now. I need this essay to say all this in an elegant, persuasive way. I have filed bankruptcy, and this essay is to persuade my chain of command to keep my security clearance. I want the essay to aim towards their sense of pity and show I desire this for my sense of family and duty. I need this essay sometime in the next month or two. How much is this going to cost me? I feel it could be 1 or 2 pages, whichever will serve better in my situation. Thanks - Gabriel - source..

Professor Name:
(December 06, 2011)
Dear Sirs,
My name is as above mentioned and I have been in the service of this great Nations Army from April 2008 a job which I have dedicated my whole life, worth and being to. I do this work with honor and admiration for the struggle that our forefathers had gone through in a bid to bring us the peace and stability that we so comfortably enjoy. It would be a disappointment for me to act in a lesser manner knowing that many lives of my fellow citizens depend on me to ensure that they are well protected from any form of violence, terror or disadvantage from any foreign bodies.
When I joined this admirable profession, I was given a secret security clearance for reasons that I do not know but from my own opinion tend to think that it was because of the urgency of having new recruits to the force. Before my recruitment, I had incurred a debt valuing to $40,000 which was due to the numerous loans and credit that I had acquired since I was not able to keep a stable job as I only have a high school diploma. I could not do this because I had an adulterous as well as demanding wife who would not also allow me to have a second job in order to settle the bills. The situation got worse when I lost my first child...
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