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journal writings (Essay Sample)

some assignments just need paragraphs and some more like in essay form source..
Journal writings Name: Institution: Date: Entry 2 and 3 Computers have had a tremendous impact on people’s life affecting the way people interact at homes and in the work place. In a more competitive work place, students typically use the computer to enhance their skills that would place them in a better position after school. In my experience, the teacher is important in early education, and helps one to acquire vital skills through instructions and supervision. Thus, the computer is complementary to the teacher’s work but it can influence student success. Learning can be interactive through use of the computer through linkage to other learners, and computers facilitate interaction with instructors. There are various software programs, which facilitate learning by facilitating language skills acquisition as well as facilitate comprehension. My knowledge of various subjects has greatly improved after using computers, because computers provide an extra dimension to the instructor’s note. In the earlier stages of learning games and software led to academic improvement, and at university level the internet is a vital tool for research because the web has database with journal articles. The role of students in learning has gained more prominence, as there has been a shift towards recognizing the effects of computer technology in facilitating learning. Unlike, earlier times, today’s students can demonstrate their critical thinking skills through use of the computer and they can create projects easily through computer programs. In essence, use of computers encourages acquisition of critical and analytical skills, as information provided can be overwhelming and needs more analysis. Ultimately, acquisition of better analytical skills helps students to move away from rote memorization techniques and encourages research. Entry 4 The essay on e-mail versus letters urges readers to consider sending letters, than simply relying on electronic mail. The writer states that letters are more personal and memorable than emails that are a quick way of communication, but do not leave one with anticipation unlike letters. The writer focuses on the differences with e-mails, which do not evoke a personal touch like letters. However, the sentences are short and do not fully explain all the writer’s thoughts. Even though, the writer acknowledges that e-mail is instant it does not have much effect on the readers. Thus, the writer emphasizes on the positive aspects of letters, whereby one is likely to have cherished memories of letters, as this deals with sensory emotions and the five senses. The writer uses the example of crayoned pictures that invokes feelings of joy unlike scanned pictures. Letters are more expressive in their language, than emails, which are short and more formal. To give evidence, on his thoughts, the writer points out that e-mails appear in the virtual world, unlike letters, which are hand held and tangible. However, the sen...
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