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Journal Entry Week 4 Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Weekly Reading and Journal Entry.
In the Beginning was the Word – Rosen (231)
I Tweet, Therefore I Am – Orenstein (252)
Note to Selfie – Dickerson (255)
Each entry should be about 150-200 words in length and include a brief summary of the reading along with an analysis of the texts and an attempt to apply the reading to the student’s life. Please write according to the format of the provided journal entry sample.
Entries will be evaluated by
1) timely submission,
2) evidence of reading completion,
3) attempt for an application, and
4) attempt for analysis of reading.


Journal Entry Week 4
Author’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Journal Entry Week 4
Christine Rosen uses ethos to persuade what she says as she uses a lot of character. She portrays modern technology being the one giving traditional approaches to reading and writing to different challenges. For instance, she says that the screen offers people more pleasure due to its fast information, and sometimes, it is not that long. However, a book profoundly engages us, and they take longer and need more commitment (Rosen, 2009). New technology is beneficial to students due to the proper articulation of issues that lead to an adequate understanding of various perspectives.
Timely submission of the article “In the beginning was the word” was in the year 1962 when she wrote about perceptions about the history of genetics, bioethics, and social influence on the technology. Her evidence of reading completion occurred in 2009 after the publication of her book addressing the effects of modern technology on traditional ways of reading and writing. The current form of communication facilitates faster sharing and a proper understanding of different perspectives, such as Twitter and Instagram. 

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