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Journal Assignment. Creating a Brief Analysis. Changing Education Paradigms (Essay Sample)


Creating a Brief Analysis
Watch Sir Ken Robinson's "Changing the Educational Paradigm":
http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=zDZFcDGpL4U (Links to an external site.)
Answer all of the following questions about the author's rhetorical context. Be sure to use APA format.
What is the main issue that the presenter claims/proposes is an issue within America?
Who is one specific audience he is creating this presentation for? Use evidence to support your claim: What does he use to support his claims? Refer to word choice, how he presents and
What is his purpose in creating this information? Informative, persuasive, argumentative or educational? Use an example from the presentation to support your findings.
What of the appeals does the author rely on: emotional, ethical or logical? How so?
What are your thoughts on this issue?
You may use the textbox below to type your answers. Your word count must be at least 250 words total. You MUST use specific examples from the presentation to support your claims and your ideas. Do NOT simply just answer the questions briefly. You may use additional sources-- if you like.


Creating a Brief Analysis
Student’s Name:
Creating a Brief Analysis
In “Changing Education Paradigms,” Sir Robinson explains why the educational system should undergo various major changes. The reason is that not much has changed in regards to school since the system was initiated back in the 18th century as a crossbreed between the Industrial Revolution and the Enlightenment (Narver, 2012). Sir Robinson tries to present this issue to all the education stakeholders such as parents, teachers, and more importantly system/curriculum developers. This is more of a conversation than a presentation. He repeatedly used the word “we” alongside a few rhetorical questions.

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