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My Internship Experience with the Boys and Girls Club - Journal 1 (Essay Sample)

type of paper is \\\\\\\"Journal\\\\\\\", not essay . Perfect essay didn\\\\\\\'t have journal listed, please treat assignment as a journal. I will fax over an example of a format of a journal that\\\\\\\'s required Write a journal that analyze and reflect on relevant field experience. In your journal the focus should be on recent field experience situation(s) scenario(s) that are relevant to the learning goals (professional, personal, or civic development) or concepts of any of the development stages of an internship (Sweitzer&King, 2009), content on developmental milestone of the population served or CDV research finding can also be applied. Specifically, students will discuss the situations/scenarios and link them to learning goals, reach findings, and or theoretical concepts in child development. Apply Kolb's experiential learning cycle (fig 1.2) pg. 11 in text book. In your Journal Required Text: Sweitzer, H. F., & King, M. A. (2009). The successful internship: Personal, professional, and civic development (Third Edition). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning. My Internship is with The boys and Girls Club ages 6 to 18 I will fax over example of a journal that required. source..
Journal I
My Internship Experience with the Boys and Girls Club
My name is () and am a student at () College and my main study area is (). I am writing this piece to narrate about my internship experience with the girls and boys club of Texas’ Western Reserve Institute. The reason why I selected the girls and boys club of Texas is because I have been in the area for quite some time and, therefore, I am not an alien to that area. I personally had been brought up in this area during my junior years and had been a member of one of such clubs in this area. More so, my interest is on how to mentor the teen’s programs, juvenile delinquency, as well as training on employment.
With the direction and guidance of the institute’s staff, I spent more than 400 hours working closely with these juveniles and learning about their activities. I also spent more than 300 more hours in interacting and operating with the staff, where I also leant about special operations and events of the club. My plan was to learn about the operations of an NGO as I intend to work in one as my future career.
I actually enjoyed the company of the juveniles as well as the staff of the Western Reserve Institute. In particular, the staff made me feel comfortable in the entire period that I was with them. I had light moments with both the staff and children and we were just like a family. The environmental setting which happened to be challenging for me was another aspect which I enjoyed very much. All stakeholders were operating according to the standards represented by the girls and boys club in this institute. In addition, they were all geared up on making improvements of their operations and programs.
The aim of this club was to assist children coming from poor families or those with no parents; to engage in meaningful associations and activities and to create awareness on the dangers of engaging in criminal activities. Gibleman (2005) says that social workers and other p...
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