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The Japanese Cuisine: The Raw Taste Of Food, Freshness And Hygiene (Essay Sample)


You can attend a talk/discussion on or off-campus that has to do with something related to our course materials (culture, politics, religion, race, ethnicity, class, gender, inequality, etc.). You can attend a cultural event. You can visit a museum that has collections which relate to our course. Or, you can think about a current event that our course materials may help shed some light upon. In order to complete an extra credit assignment, you must write two pages (double-spaced) about your chosen topic, analyzing your topic by making use of insights you have gleaned from our course.


Japanese Cuisine
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Japanese Cuisine
I visited a Japanese restaurant and had a short discussion with the proprietor about Japanese cuisine as an integral part of the Japanese cultural trait. This paper documents my interaction with the proprietor. Cultural traits like cuisine, etiquette and gender roles are learned from the culture in question. As such, cultural differences among individuals are caused by different cultural influences the individuals have been exposed to.
Characteristics of the Japanese Cuisine
The Japanese cuisine is characterized by the enjoyment of the raw taste of food without strongly flavored sauces. In addition, the arrangement of dishes is crucial in Japanese cuisine. As such, the Japanese colorful dishes are normally arranged according to beautiful traditional patterns in order to stimulate appetite. It is also important to point out that in Japanese cuisine, plates and bowls are carefully presented to make a visually attractive combination with their contents to express seasonal feelings.
Moreover, freshness and hygiene are crucial in the Japanese cuisine and special cutting methods are used to ensure that the good test of the cuisine is maintained. Cooking time for roasting and broiling are also kept short in the cuisine in order to maintain freshness and taste. Finally, the cuisine is usually eaten by alternating between eating ric

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