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Jackson, “The Lottery”. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Compose an analytical essay of at least 1,200 words in which you offer an interpretation of a literary element in one of the assigned short stories. Write your analysis focusing on one of the following elements in one of the assigned stories:
Start by selecting one of the short stories assigned by your instructor. Brainstorm to identify the literary element that you would like to explore in the story. Choose from character, theme, symbolism, imagery, or setting. Then, develop a thesis that offers a specific interpretation of this element.
Tips for the Essay
Open your introduction with an engaging opener, such as a question, quote from the story, or interesting idea. Then, connect to the short story and mention the title and the author. End your introduction with a thesis statement that interprets a literary element of the story.
The body paragraphs should support your thesis. Present specific aspects of the short story that help to illustrate your points. Make sure to quote from the story and analyze specific lines that support your argument. Body paragraphs typically have at least two short quotations each as supporting evidence.
Include a strong concluding paragraph that summarizes your main points and explains the significance of the thesis. Finish this paragraph with a strong and satisfying ending.
APA Reminder
Use APA style for formatting the essay and for source citations. Begin with a title page and use proper font and spacing. End with a separate references page


Symbolism in the Short Story “The Lottery” by Shirly Jackson
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Symbolism in the Short Story “The Lottery” by Shirly Jackson
Not everybody can tolerate horror stories or movies. Still, Shirly Jackson (1988), in a short story “The Lottery”, puts her readers to the test. The story is set up in an ancient town that still holds to a traditional lottery. It is categorized as horror because the person who wins the lottery is ironically persecuted by stoning them to death. The story is set in 1948, where a community of 300 people is ready to carry out a yearly tradition of stoning one of their members. Jackson sets up an atmosphere that indicates that the practice was readily welcome in the community. In her literary delivery, Jackson uses symbolism in various instances to develop the story's themes. This paper analyzes Jackson's use of symbolism in her work “The Lottery”. It argues that Jackson carefully and symbolically selected the characters' names, the setting of the story, the title, and the paraphernalia used in the ritual to develop the story's themes.
The characters have names that are symbolic of Jackson's story. The author names the main character Mr. Joe Summers to symbolize the season in which the lottery takes place. 

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