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Issuance of Licensed Guns Should Be Abolished (Essay Sample)

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Issuance of Licensed Guns Should Be Abolished
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Issuance of Licensed Guns Should Be Abolished
There are increased cases of misuse of guns globally commonly referred to as gun violence. Those who misuse them engage in these behaviors, knowing that the defense for such crimes is “for self-defense”. Controlling the issuance of guns has had little to no impact on combating increased gun violence. It is difficult to differentiate those who own guns legally and those who own them illegally as people do not walk around with their gun licenses. Moreover, the proof of legal or illegal ownership of the gun only comes up after someone has killed another and this is irreversible regardless of whether the gun used was owned legally or illegally. Therefore, to fully curb the problems and deaths brought about by the ownership of guns, issuance of licensed guns should be abolished and the duty of security of citizens taken up by the government rather than individuals.
To put this in context, Wintemute and Garen in their research with the view of establishing the number of guns per household in the US revealed that more than 22% of the United States population has more than two guns whereby 35% are men while 12% are women. Such a high number of guns among the citizens are not only risky to the populace but also it makes one question the role of the government in providing security to the citizens. In this modern world, it's unjustifiable for the citizens to have such a high number of guns. Notably, the culture of ownership of the gun has its origin in the colonial history. People owned guns during these moments for various reasons, for example hunting, for personal security and later on utilized in the American revolutionary war. Some laws such as Connecticut (1643) advocated for at least one adult particularly a man in every household carry a gun in public meetings or when going to church. This was to enhance the security of such congregation. These cases brought out the culture of ownership of the gun which still persists to the present (Wintemute & Garen, 2015). However, in the present world where there are no revolutionaries or war to fight against colonialism, the number of guns owned by the citizens is extremely high and one cannot comprehend why we should have a government protecting citizens and at the same time have such a high number of guns among the same citizens in the name of self-protection.
Many lives have been claimed in the US and the world at large due to the accidents and negligent use of the gun. Gun accidents are most common in homes, where people have guns for their personal defense. Most people believe that owning a gun enhances security, forgetting the fact that if one does not know how to use the gun it can lead to endangering their life. The organizations concerned only put into consideration the aspect of one owning the gun using the right means as provided by the law. Such individuals have family members, especially children who can get access to the gun, therefore, killing themselves or even the gun owner accidentally. Wintemute and Garen in investigating the various causes of high deaths in America between the years 1999- 2015, revealed that many people lost their lives due to accidents related to the usage of guns. In this regard, 10,933 deaths were registered within the period. Consequently, in 2010, over 600accidental gun deaths were registered. Also, from 2005-2010, over 1300 lives were lost due to the gun usage accidents in the US (Wintemute & Garen, 2015). If trained officers have been found to take the lives of over 330 innocent individuals in the United States accidentally, what of those who have no skills on the use of the gun? It means that more people are at risk due to ...

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