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Introduce Myself, Interview Three Person, Could Be Anyone (Essay Sample)


Interview three persons and ask about what their opinion to me, could be friend, and introduce my experiences, I'm studying in America for three years, I had a duty that was selling the Chinese good in the Chinese store at our school, I invovled in volunteering, and the current university is Miami University.


How are you doing, My name is [], I would like you to give an opinion about me, what you perceive and see and do not hesitate to point out what you think are my strengths and what you think or wish I can change .I am currently selling Chinese goods in the Chinese store at our school, and am involved in volunteering while studying at Miami University .Your responses will be appreciated and I hope to hear more from you
America is different than China, and since people are open minded it is important to get to know about them. Clear communication helps to reduce misunderstandings as the message is clearer and does not make assumptions about the other person or people. The respondent pointed out I that I should strive to improve my English language skills, as this will go a long way in improving how I communicate. When people know that you are a fluent speaker they are more likely to perceive you as being competent. He also indicated that being proficient is not enough, and even if language mastery to near native level is difficult there is room for improvement. All in all I can communicate with anyone in English and be understood. People will be attentive when one has better English language skills, and interacting with more people will make it easier to improve your language skills. After the initial contact he believed that I was reluctant to open up being in a new place and probably this was my personality. However, over time my confidence has grown as can I now communicate more openly in English and make connections.
Person 2
I first asked the second peso what she admired about myself and believed I am honest and forthright and this is important since it is expected that people that people trust those who appear truthful. Honesty is an important virtue in private and professional life. Even the professional duty of care requires that people are accountable and being honest about you means one is authentic and has no need to present a false image. However, there is a need to changes and while time and finishing activities when necessary is important, it is necessary to slow down as I am always seem to be in a hurry. It was surprising to learn she noted I sometimes do things in haste because I am afraid of being late, yet fail to plan when this would be necessary. In other words, it would be

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