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Intimate Partner Violence In USA (Essay Sample)

Page one should be, title, name, class,date. Chapter 1: Should be overview Chapter 2: Review of literature, two or three pages chapter 3: two pages Chapter 4: one page with three paragraphs Chapter 5: summary and discussion Chapter 6: References Please help me write my essay based on each slide of the power point below. Each slide should be a page; therefore, there should be six pages with additional information. source..
Intimate partner violence in the United States Student's Name- Institution- Course Instructor- Date- Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a massive public health challenge. Studies show that this form of violence is more rampant in the United States as compared to other nations in the world. Approximate 20 people are abused by an inmate partner per minute in the US, translating to about 10 million of intimate violence victims every year. This paper reviews recent existing pieces of literature on Intimate partner violence in the US. According to (Welchans & Rennison, 2000), women are more likely to experience stalking, rape or physical abuse than men, with over five million women abused annually in the US alone. They argue: "Victims of IPV are more likely to be affected by impacts of IPV which are measurable by overseeing female concern for safety, missing few days in school or workplaces or regularly seeking for medical attention. " Research by US Department of Justice National Sex Offender shows that out of 112 million women in the US about 20 million have been raped with only 16% of these incidents were reported to relevant authorities. (Welchans & Rennison, 2000), links IPV with adverse health conditions. He cites that victims of IPV are mostly likely to show a range of chronic and acute mental health conditions. (Thoennes & Tjaden, 2000), echoes the same segm...
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