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Intercultural Analysis Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Instruction for assignment:
As related to the case topic, write 3 questions and answers related to acculturation, assimilation, perception, cultural differences or culture shock. Synthesize reflections with key intercultural communication concepts. (I attached the textbook which is the material you would use for this analysis.)
My case topic is: How KFC successfully used the cross-cultural concept to gradually seize the Chinese market step by step.
And This is the background for the topic:
Before 1987, the Chinese knew little about Western fast food. In late September 1986, KFC began to consider how to enter the most populous Chinese market and explore the huge potential contained in this huge market. For the world's largest chicken restaurant company, they faced a completely unfamiliar Chinese market. Through research and analysis of KFC, I will have a preliminary grasp of the marketing concepts of multinational companies and learn how to effectively resolve conflicts caused by differences in culture and thinking methods.


Intercultural Analysis
Intercultural Analysis
Globalization has resulted in many developments. Many multinational companies are starting operations in new foreign markets, and this leads to challenges that arise due to differences in culture. The employees and the company as a whole will not be successful in the new country if they cannot communicate or appreciate the differences. Despite this, companies can still rely on cross-cultural concepts as part of their entry strategy. This paper will focus on how KFC successfully used the cross-cultural concept to seize the Chinese market step by step gradually.
1. How Does Cultural Shock Affect A Company and Its Employees?
Culture shock is a significant factor that affects new companies in a foreign market. This can be defined as a feeling of anxiety and disorientation that arises when exposed to a new environment (Liu, Volcic, & Gallois, 2015). The company and its initial employees, who are not Chinese, will be impacted directly. The new country also has new modes of operations that guide businesses, and this will be a shock to the company. A significant challenge also arises from language differences. Since Chinese is the dominant language in culture, the employees have to learn the new language and even change the name of some of the products to Chinese so that the local market can understand what they are purchasing.

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