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Intellectual Disability - Mental Retardation (Essay Sample)


Intellectual Disability (ID) is one of several areas of disability under IDEA. Typically ID refers to individual students who possess cognitive abilities which are extremely below average and whose adaptive skills are below their same-age peers.
Research and identify 2 websites which give definitions and guidance to both parents and educators of children with intellectual disabilities. Discuss the criteria and general process in evaluating an intellectual disability. Share your opinion on the value of these sites in helping to understanding intellectual disabilities.
Identify and explain 2 appropriate classroom instruction accommodations for students with an ID. Explain how and why they are helpful to students. Use outside resources or websites in order to find the information, and cite them within your response.


Intellectual Disability
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Intellectual disability, formerly known as “mental retardation,” concerns people who have limitation in cognitive function which affects their activities of daily living.
Nowadays, both public and private organizations support people with intellectual disability to achieve a normal life through websites. Some of these websites are healthychildren org which defines intellectual disability as “significant difficulties in both intellectual functioning (e.g. communicating, learning, problem-solving) and adaptive behavior (e.g. everyday social skills, routines, hygiene)” (American Academy of Pediatrics [AAP], n.d.) and asha org which describes intellectual disability as “significant limitations in intellectual functioning (e.g., reasoning, learning, and problem-solving), adaptive behavior (i.e., conceptual, social, and practical skills in everyday life), and onset in childhood (before the age of 18 years)” (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association [ASHA], n.d.).
These websites are helpful, especially for parents and peers, since they include early signs and symptoms of intellectual and developmental disability. This can also lead to early diagnosis of other disorders, especially those which are genetically acquired such as Down’s Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, etc. Also, the teachers of these students will likely learn that these kids cannot easily understand ideas and follow directions. The websites can also help in preventing bullying and consequently, preventing other mental issues from occurring to these children, such as depression.
The diagnosis of intellectual disability is made clinically and comprehensively based on the child’s intelligence quotient (IQ)

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