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integrated (cross-curricular) (Essay Sample)

One page abou the integrating subjects with English As futue teacher of literacy through projects, integrated (cross-curricular) and a second language,how responsible are you for fostering various genres of literacy such as mathematical and scientific literacy? source..
Integrated (Cross-Curricular) Name: Institution: Getting to keep the students motivated and encouraged to the lessons of the day and relating with the content can be a tricky aspect for most of the teachers. However the powerful tool of integrating the subjects, in this case English and the science subject can go a long way into aligning the challenge. The idea being, making leaning a fun activity with a little bit of creative planning. One of the ways that would really boost the link between the two subjects is using poems that are on science topics with the students. The goodness with the approach is that there is a lot of material to be found, which will help make the linkage smooth enough. In this project the students will be required to also create their own creative science related poems. These works will be presented in class, as part of reading and comprehension activity. There will be a designated corner (creative) where the students can keep their work. The other approach that would greatly enhance the integration between English and science is through watching short science video clips. As with the other method, there is plenty of material that is designed to teach children various scientific concepts using videos that are engaging and intuitive. It is important that the topic is related to something that they do are familiar with. The student can view a video of how misusing water affects the balance of nature and specifically animals and humans. At the end of the film the students are then asked to write short articles or narratives on the best and worst of practices they do, in relation to wate...
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