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How to inject insulin with a syringe and a Flexpen (Essay Sample)

Final Project Instructions: Select a health-related topic of your choice. Create/develop a \"tool\" for patient education on that topic. This could potentially be something you can implement at work, with a family member/friend, or in the future as a healthcare provider. Apply strategies for effective patient education/compliance discussed in this course. Include a 3-5 page (double spaced) summary that describes how you applied the information to your project. Text Book: Falvo, D.R. (2011). Effective patient education: A guide to increased adherence. 4th ed. Sudbury , MA : Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc. IBSN-13: 9780763766252. Note: My tool is going to be a pamphlet that is going to have pictures and writing instructions about how to inject insulin with a syringe and a flexpen. I need to to support my choice and explain how patients will receive/view the tool. source..

How to inject insulin with a syringe and a Flexpen
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13th March 2013
From a careful analysis of literature, there are numerous effective strategies that can be used to facilitate patients` education (Falvo, 2011). These strategies increase patients` adherence and compliances to follow set guidelines when using certain health tools. Nevertheless, evidence has shown that strategies selected should align with patients` knowledge, altitudes and skills (Falvo, 2011). Moreover, they should also match set goals. Patients` education entails providing patients with information on health issues affecting their lives. In this case, numerous tools are used to ensure that this is accomplished (Pfützner et al, 2008). At this juncture, this project aims to develop a tool for educating patients on how to inject insulin with a syringe and Flexpen.
Considering the patients` skills, knowledge and altitude, one for the most effective tool for teaching them how to inject insulin with a syringe and Flaxpen is the use of a pamphlet (Falvo, 2011). This is due to the fact that this tool is easily accessible for patients to refer to on daily basis. The pamphlet contains pictures and instructions thereby helping patients to constantly adhere to the recommended procedure for injecting insulin. For instance, some of the crucial information to be incorporated in the pamphlet is the conditions under which patients will be compelled to inject insulin into their bodies. As an example, insulin injection should be done whenever they experience medical conditions or symptoms that signify the rise or drop of their sugar level.
According to Falvo (2011), effective patient education should be structured to incorporate integrated processes that are precise on how to follow instructions, evaluate the outcome and how to make follow-up procedures. Needless to say, a patient`s pamphlet should therefore have recommendations for independent health situations. Therefore, the patient has to carefully follow the recommendations in order to achieve a certain goals or meet a particular need (Falvo, 2011). In connection to this, the pamphlet will contain prescriptions in it in order to ensure that the insulin dose has the desired effect on the patient. Prescription information has something to do with session of hours and amount of dose to be injected in a given period of time (Pfützner et al, 2008). Moreover, the pamphlet can also incorporate non-prescription information that entails the ingredients and supplements contained in a given drug.
An in-depth review of literature has shown that health education should be patient-centered (Falvo, 2011). This is a critical factor that increases the degree of compliance among patients. One should bear in mind that compliance is complex especially due to diverse patients` altitudes while non-compliance is costly (Falvo, 2011). Study has shown that extra eff...
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