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Importance of School Uniforms Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


I need an essay for my English class, it is to be on Why or why not should uniforms be worn in public school? I did a Theseus and I need the report to be on the importance of it (pro, cons, ) emphazing the issue being a costly expense for parents, overall ifeel school uniforms are very important and should be required due to the fact all kids wearing the same clothing will prevent or stop bullying etc. I did use the (Guardian, 2013 ) article as a reference will need one more. Apa style double space same format as prior order. Thank u


Importance of School Uniforms
Importance of School Uniforms
What is the essence of wearing a school uniform? Many students do not see the need of putting on a school uniform as they can go to school with any other clothes. However, it is crucial that every student wears a school uniform. School uniforms help bring purpose, self-esteem, hope, and security among students CITATION Fre18 \l 1033 (Toast, 2018). Additionally, there are various reasons why students need to wear school uniforms and these are discussed in the subsequent section.
Prevents bullying
The occurrence of bullying tends to increase when students put on regular clothes. For example, a student who is not up to date with the latest fashion trends will often get ridiculed and teased by other students. Students in such situations tend to develop many insecurities. Their self-esteem is badly affected. However, with school uniforms, it is easy to minimize bullying incidents as all students wear the same clothes and shoes CITATION Imp17 \l 1033 (Teachers, 2017).
Promotes effective learning
It is easy for students to focus on their studies while in school uniforms. Their dressing will not matter to them as they look the same as oth

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