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Importance of Public Speaking (Essay Sample)

Answer the following question in a minimum of two paragraphs: The importance of being able to speak publicly has been emphasized as far back as the Ancient Greeks. History has shown that societies value individuals who can speak well to audiences. Do you believe that public speaking should be valued by society and taught to students, or are public speaking skills not as important in this new age of technology? Explain your reasoning. Do you believe that public speaking is a learned skill, an inherent talent, or both? Explain your reasoning. source..
Importance of Public Speaking Name: Institution: I believe the current society should pay close attention to the value of public speaking. Considering that public speaking was emphasized by the Ancient Greeks, it means that public speaking was an important skill in the past. Is public speaking still important in the current technology? Is public speaking a natural talent, a learned skill, or both? This paper argues that public speaking is important and should be taught to students in the current technology and that public speaking is both an inherent talent and a learned skill. Public speaking is important in the current technology and time. This owes to the reality that Army (2009) argues that the greatest problem to modern public speakers is the ability to adapt with the constantly changing needs and expectations from their audience. In fact, the changing technology provides a platform for speakers to adapt to new changes. However, the technology may alter the audience’s mindset. Furthermor...
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