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Commentaries: Implicit Bias And Criminal Justice System, Real Or Imagined? (Essay Sample)


commentaries are used to discuss issues and events that are currently in the news, they give you the chance to offer a new perspective about what is happening in the world around you.
1.explain issue and angle quickly, don't turn your whole paper into summary
2.explain and support your point of view
3.teach your audience something new
4.make grammar and words simple(not complicated)
6. find reliable online source to support(nytimes, theconversation,BBC, the atlantic, etc(famous website is best)
7.have very clear and specific angle!!( don't discuss a big or tricky topic)
8.topic is implicit bias and trying to narrow it down to a specific situation that have been covered in recent news as a current event!!!!
9. have introduction(issue angle thesis),explain the current events or issue, body paragraph(3 main ideas , topic sentence of each idea at the beginning of every paragraph, good and interesting conclusion) .
10. get creative tittle.


Commentaries: implicit bias and criminal justice system, real or imagined?
Recently, policing tactics have been heavily scrutinized in the media when the officers use unconstitutional means and disproportionately target juveniles, African Americans and those with mental disabilities (Ross, 2016). Implicit biases may play a role in how the police interact with such people and their involvement in the fatal shoo...
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