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Identity Concealment (Essay Sample)

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Identity Concealment Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Identity Concealment Identity concealment can basically be defined as hiding ones true traits. More often, we find ourselves in situations that sometime necessitate us to mask our true personalities in order to avert feelings of exclusion from our peers or even our spouses. Identity concealment most frequently acts as a form of barrier obscuring inner sorrows in individuals. Humans tend to be more sorrowful than they exhibit to the outside world. Therefore, this writing seeks to establish the absurd nature of identity concealment in our day to day endeavors and the toll it can take in our relationships. Low self-esteem days happen to everyone. As a student, I tend to be overwhelmingly critical of myself, and even the slightest thing such as comments about how I look can plunge my self-esteem into the abyss. In this modern society, people tend to judge an individual by their; wardrobe, looks, the company they keep, and even how one behaves. With this in mind, I have concealed myself from others on numerous occasions in order to be able to fit into a particular group. As a rational human would do in times of despair, I have put on the appearance of happiness to the outside world, smiling in the public yet hiding my own sadness and grief from the world. People like to put their best in the public eye and for most individuals, the ‘best’ is the cheerful, pleasing mask that so much of the modern society wears to enable tolerable casual interactions with others. Concealing our identity be it happiness or somberness may be necessary in our contemporary civilized society, as nobody wants to hear the pains of a bunch of broken souls. In an age everyone has his or her own problems engulfing their mind, nobody would surely want to be part of the other. Though concealing one’s own true identity is necessary for the sake of tenuous ci...
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