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Identify Issues and Resolve Conflicts (Essay Sample)

The paper must identify issues and resolve conflicts For example: For example, engineering has the greatest involvement during product design and development; the quality function becomes more involved during internal and external product testing; and field organizations become involved with product installation and service. The project manager uses a time-phased staffing plan as a planning and communications tool to ensure the right people are made available when they are needed. It also helps to let all involved have clear expectations about the length of their commitment to the project. Developing the staffing plan requires: -Reviewing project staffing requirements. -Reviewing the WBS, network diagram, and activity duration estimates being used to develop the project schedule. -Identifying the start and completion times for the different people or skill sets. -Entering these preliminary assignments into the project scheduling tool, if one is being used or map them out on a calendar. -Reviewing the preliminary assignments with the team, activity owners, and other key stakeholders. -Obtaining commitments and make adjustments as required to develop a realistic staffing management plan. Please add the following: Creating a Project Organization Chart Reporting relationships and areas of responsibility need to be communicated to key project stakeholders. An organization chart is a simple visual means to accomplish this task. Everyone needs to know who is responsible for what, who reports to whom, and the persons to contact for information on various subjects. Solid and dotted-line reporting relationships can both be included to show the organizational authority structure as well as the project organizational matrix relationships. Creating a project organization chart requires: -Identifying the reporting relationships of everyone directly involved with the project. -Listing the people by function or project phase in a hierarchical manner that clearly shows lines of authority. -Publishing the chart and send it to all key stakeholders. source..

Issues and conflict resolution in project management
Issues and conflict resolution in project management
Achievement of a set of goals that is common to all is the main reason why people work together. This is what team work is about and is applicable to project management in any field, institution or organization. This is an ideal situation that rarely happens. In a real project setting, issues related to the project or the workplace usually crop up. This eventually leads to conflicts if not addressed properly by the project manager (Kerzner 2001). Issues that may trigger a conflict that is harmful to a project are many. However, there are some issues that are common to all organizations. For instance abuse of power, poor communication structure, and disrespect, lack of trust and lack of cooperation. Project managers should be able to identify issues that may lead to conflicts and solve them as soon as possible in order to attain teamwork in a project (Cloke 2000).
Project scheduling is an important part in any project. It involves estimation of how long the project is going to take, and the resources that are going to be used each day of the project. ...
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