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Analysis Of Chike Agu’s Paper On Ideal And Functional Family Structure (Essay Sample)


Write a journal entry on Research Paper Model #1. Your journal entry should focus mostly on questions 3 and 4. A successful journal entry typically consists of 300-500 words. In your journal, be sure to do the following:
1. Provide a brief summary of the paper. What are the writer's main points?
2. Write a brief personal response to the paper. What is your reaction to what the writer is saying? Is anything surprising or confusing to you?
3. Analyze the topic and sources. How does the writer narrow the scope of his topic? Are the sources reliable? How are the sources integrated into the essay?
4. Analyze how the paper is written and discuss how you think it can help you improve your writing. What features of language, style, or organization of the text can you use in your academic writing?


Analysis of Chike Agu’s Paper on Family
Institutional Affiliation
Chike Agu highlights the contrasting views by structural functionalists and the modern sociologists on the ideal and functional family structure. By arguing that nuclear families were the ideal structure of families and that any deviation was a part of a decline in family structure and dysfunctional, structural functionalists bred a stereotype in the society. A misconception that the outdated, racial, and gender biased nuclear family structure was the standard.
Several sociologists have successfully deconstructed this theory. They have managed to show that different structures of the family, such as same-sex marriages and single parent marriages are just as functional as nuclear families. They argue due to changes in the society such as the hard economic times, people have had to explore other options of family structures. By proving that all structures of family score similarly on different fronts, they have managed to win the structural functionalists to their s

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