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Hypothetical Scenario: Result Of The Employee's Termination (Essay Sample)


An employee was fired from XYZ Corporation. The disgruntled employee saught revenge against his manager whom he believed was responsible for the termination. To exact revenge, the employee spoofed his email address to match that of his manager and sent an email to a competitor of XYUZ, STU Corporation. This email informed STU Corporation that the manager has stolen trade secrets from XYZ Corporation that he was willing to sell for $500K. Instead of replying to the sender of the email, STU Corporation forwarded the email to its legal department. The legal department after reviewing the email contacted the legal department of XYZ Corporation. Senior executives were subsequently notified of the incident. Without conducting a formal investigation of the matter, the manager, whom they believed sent the email was terminated.
1. Which issue may arise as a result of employee's termination?
2. What would you have done differently?
3. Provide a step-by step breakdown of how the investigation of the incident should have been conducted?


Hypothetical Scenario
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1. Which issue may arise as a result of the employee's termination?
As a result of the employee's termination, the company may face legal implications due to the wrongful termination of the manager. The manager may sue the company due to this action right after proving that he or she was hacked by the employee that did the email spoofing (Maras, 2014).
2. What would you have done differently?
As the manager, I would ask for proof from the company and also the reasons that justify their termination. If all reasons are valid, I would accept my termination. As the other disgruntled employee, I would confess of my actions of the company and be prepared to face any consequences of my actions. As for the company, it would have been better to investigate the issue deeply before terminating the manager as proof is essential in such a case and this would prevent the company from being sued b

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