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Human Resource Management at L'Oreal (Essay Sample)

This SLP will focus on human resources and human resource strategies and policies and practices in L\'OREAL international operations. Please write a 2 page paper, analyzing some of the traditional HRM functions in the L\'OREAL (e.g. selection, training, evaluation & compensation): What do you know about their \\\\\\\"international HRM\\\\\\\" strategies? source..
Running Head: Human Resource Management at L’Oreal
Human Resource Management at L’Oreal
The Human resource department performs various functions in the organization. Some of these functions include selection, training and development of the employee skills at the workplace, evaluation of employee progress and compensation. This essay describes the human resource practices at L’Oreal, global leader in cosmetics’ production and distribution.
International Business
L’Oreal, global leading firm in the production and distribution of cosmetics, is an equal opportunity employer (L’Oreal, 2010). The company hires people from different backgrounds in a discrimination free process. The successful candidates are contacted and invited for interviews with the organization. L’Oreal is an organization that is driven by the need for diversity at the workplace (L’Oreal, 2010). In this regard, the company offers employment opportunities based on the individual expertise regardless of the background. The company’s selection process is a free and fair exercise which is based on the core values of the firm (L’Oreal, 2010). The interview process at L’Oreal is different from other companies as it entails a rather informal process which makes the respondent more comfortable when answering the questions (L’Oreal, 2010).
Training at L’Oreal is a continuous process which is aimed at improving the innovativeness of the employee (L’Oreal, 2010). New employees in the organization are subjected to a thorough training process which takes a period of three to six weeks. Furthermore the company has devised a policy where the existing employees undergo on the job training (L’Oreal, 2010). This is an initiative that helps the organization to develop new products by a program where it seeks to convert the new ideas of the employees after the training period to actual products which can be sold in the market (L’Oreal, 2010). The organization has adopted learning as part of ...
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