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How Do You Want To Be Remembered On The Planet? (Essay Sample)


A eulogy is a speech in remembrance of a person who has passed away.


Allow your mind to wander into the far-off future or however long you want to live and write your own eulogy. This should be written in the third-person view.
For example, if your name is Jack, you'd start off your own eulogy by writing, "Jack was a saint../'
When composing your eulogy be honest. Don't censor yourself. Leave nothing out. Remember it's not about being morbid or about death, it's about looking forward and thinking about what you want your life to be like and how you want to be remembered for your time here on the planet.
When writing your own eulogy think about the following things:
What effect did you have on the world and those you loved? What goals did you achieve? What skills did you have and what did you learn to do? What relationships did you have? To what places did you travel? What did you create? How did you contribute? What words would people use to describe you? Are there any memorable stories that represent who you are? These are just some examples of what you can write about but feel free to add other things.


The late Betty was born in August 1999, Shandong, China. Her parents were devout Christians and for that reason, they ensured that right from infancy, her life would be guided by Christian values. When she attained school-going age, she went through the normal educational system in China, which culminated in her completion of high school education in Beijing. She perpetually performed well in mathematics during her primary and secondary education. To that end, after her high school education, she decided to pursue a degree in mathematics at a university based in New York City. After her university education, she took a job as a technical analyst in various business consulting and insurance companies located in China.
She married the love of her life in the year 2025 and they were later blessed with one kid (a girl). Just like the path trodden by Betty's parents during her upbringing, Betty and her husband saw to it that their kid was guided by Christian ideals. In addition, they guided her in the fields of business, crop, and livestock farming to make sure that she became self-reliant in the future. In her early 40s, Betty decided to quit her job so that she could engage in various business ventures. She launched her own business consulting firm and also started an ele

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