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Homonational Queer Nation Glam Nation Article Review (Essay Sample)


You can use the following reflection prompts or write your own response. If you chose not to use a prompt and create your own, your response must still be about the reading(s).
“Homonational, Queer Nation, Glam Nation: Adam Lambert and American National Imagery” by Anne Kustritz
What does Kustritz say about Lambert’s ‘Glam Nation’ tour ? How does ‘queerness’ relate to the discussion of American citizenship and nationalism?
What does Kustritz say about shows like Star Search, American bandstand, and American Idol (ie, what are the notions of ‘American Nationalism’ that these shows draw upon)? And how did Lambert’s presence on the show affect the idea of American citizenship?
How do media representations of sexuality, gender, and notions of acceptable forms of femininity and masculinity play a role in the ‘National imaginary’ of national identity?
What does Kustritz argue about the idea of a “Queer Nation”? In what way is she using the word “queer”? Why does she use it this way?


Homonational Queer Nation Glam Nation Article ReviewNameInstitutional AffiliationDate
The article, Homonational Queer Nation, Glam Nation: Adam Lambert and American National Imagery by the author Anne Kustritz says that Lambert’s Glam Nation tour played a great role in the efforts of advocating for the rights of the gay or the queer members. She says that the album that Lambert produced called For Your Entertainment made him to be more popular among the queer community and as such they turned out in large numbers in most of his concerts. Kustritz says that the queer community stood together in solidarity as way of expressing their citizenship and nationalism.
Kustritz also argues that the American Shows such as Star Search, American bandstand and American Idol have different notions of American nationalism. She says that media outlets such as the American Idol focused on the key national symbols such as the American democracy and the American dream based on the view that the American people have embraced the spirit of nationalism and they will make people to rise t

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