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The Term Homo sapiens Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


I have choose the topic Homo sapiens. need 3 sources and please MLA format. if need more information message me. thank you.



Physical Anthropology Paper

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Please also bring a hard copy to class.

 3-4 pages: double spaced, times new roman, 12 font

At least 3 sources


  1. 1.      Choose 1 hominin (Homo sapiens)
  2. 2.      Topic: - Homo sapiens
  3. 3.       


Part 1: Write 2-3 pages discussing your hominin.

Formal writing.



Suggested things to discuss:

  • What is the taxonomy
  • Is there any controversy surrounding the hominin 
  • When did they live and in what type of environment
  • Characteristics: derived and ancestral
  • Any behavioral traits








Homo sapiens
Homo sapiens
The term Homo sapien came to existence for the first time in the year 1758 courtesy of Carolus Linnaeus, who was a significant figure in zoological taxonomy (Tattrsall, 2010). The term means "wise man," and it was used to distinguish human beings from apes such as gorillas and orangutans, among many others. This distinction was made possible through taxonomy, which is the science of classifying, naming, and defining living organisms based on common characteristics. Though Homo sapiens shared several physical characteristics with the apes, it was a daring thing to categorize Homo sapiens in the same group with apes since the former had exhibited cognitive and more reasonable capabilities compared to the latter.

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