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Learning Effective Note Taking (Essay Sample)

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Note Taking
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Assignment One: Learning Effective Note Taking
1) According to the materials that you reviewed for this assignment, why is it important to review your class notes after class?
Based on the notes, it is important to review one`s class notes after class because these notes activate certain memories regarding the lecture, discussion, or even during a reading. Also, it is important to review notes after class because doing so would help in the retention of the lesson or the facts gathered during discussion. In addition to this most practical reason, reviewing notes after class would also make it possible for the note-taker to edit the phrases and words that otherwise would not have made sense when if they are viewed several hours after class. Editing notes after class would also allow the user to highlight ideas by using different-colored pens, and it will also give the student a chance to clarify some questions or concerns.
2) Without review, how much of material is forgotten within one day from the time the material is originally presented?
Without review, around 62% of the knowledge the person has just gained is forgotten or lost from the person`s memory.
3) Look at your notes from class. Review the assigned reading and any materials used in class by your instructor. Label using numbers on your notes where these main points are located.
In comparing my notes with the materials used in class, I can say that almost 80% of the main points from the lecture and the readings are reflected in my notes. Some of these main points are the percentage by which data is forgotten without review (1), and the five tips for note taking: (2) prepare, (3) listening skills, (4) develop method, (5) pay attention to content, and (6) review and edit notes. For the second material, the main points I was able to write down were (7) questions to ask, (8) reasons to take notes, and (9) guide to note taking. For the last material, Cornell Note taking System, the main points I was able to write were: (10) record, (11) reduce, (12) recite, (13) reflect, and (14) review.
4) Looking at your notes from class, what aspects of the materials presented did you have questions about? Label using letters.
As much as I was able to write down on my notes the main points of the lesson, I have certain questions that need to be clarified. In looking at the notes from the class, I have some questions on the actual applicability of the concepts on real life. More specifically, I have questions on the following: a) Are they really forgotten, or they stored in the subconscious?; b) No other alternatives to three-ring binder?; c) How do I improve concentration and listening skills?; d) I thought it should be brief. How come definitions need to be taken word for word?; e) Why do we need to assess?; f) What makes this system more effective than other met...
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