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History of Ethics (Essay Sample)

FOR 00024452 WRITER ONLY!!!!!!! I will attach the instruction.Only one sources! Melden, A (2007) Ethical Theories. Koebel Press. source..
Arostotle`s Theory of Happiness Name: Institution: Date: AROSTOTLE`S THEORY OF HAPPINESS Question 2 Aristotle through his reasoning brings a conception worth meditating upon, inviting his audience to conceive the human good to be a special type of end. Aristotle calls the ultimate goal of a life that is successful happiness or eudaimonia, arguing that it is comparable with the way an archer focuses on a target and thus is the way a happy individual focuses on the human good at all times and in activity (Melden, 2007). According to the way he logically argues this concept, there is a personal conviction that Aristotle`s stand is right in defining happiness as being the highest good because of a number of reasons. There is a personal agreement with Aristotle`s reasoning that every action of a human being is focused at a certain good, where the good that is usually selected for the sake of its own rather than the means to a certain end can be referred as the highest good. Aristotle implies also that the highest good is the happiness that precisely means living well. This can be termed as a true consideration of happiness bearing in mind that happiness helps individual in various conditions that would have otherwise proved difficult to handle. Happiness is a virtuous feeling that brings healing to the soul and contentment of the heart regardless of the situation, it is the best feeling that a human being can experience and be able to express. The best of memorable moments of people is when they were happy or exited, which could mean the same thing. In addition, some people may have wrong definition of good according to their reasoning as they may provide a list of things like wealth, honor or moral virtue that the political life tends to aim. However, Aristotle presents that those things cannot be dependent upon in defining good because they may vary with individuals. Thus, his definition that implies that happiness is definable by being able to determine man`s proper function. This kind of function is not in comparison with those of animals and plants perform since it ought to be specific to human beings. This is because man is purposeful and more intelligent and he is able to realize his function or the things that amuses him (Melden, 2007). People feel useful and contented once they are able to accomplish the things that they like doing or those that satisfies them, as they are able to identify their proper function. The functions of man require being a section of the realistic life that belongs to the rational element of man. By the term practical, Aristotle meant a purposeful conduct that becomes possible for the rational beings only. The human beings are privileged to have the ...
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