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High School Essay. Themes, Characters And Literary Devices (Essay Sample)


tow essays about three short isst


Write two essays about three short stories of the Tale Tell Heart, The Story of An Hour, The Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
1. An essay about elements of the story like theme, character or about literary devices in these three short stories
2. An essay about comparing two story’s characters or themes to each other.


High School Essay
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Part 1
In this essay, I will discuss the themes, characters and literary devices of three short stories (The Tell-Tale Heart, The Story of an Hour, and An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge). Published by Edgar Allan Poe in 1843, The Tell-Tale Heart is a short story that is relayed by an unnamed narrator who opts for different ways to convince us of the narrator’s sanity while talking about a murder that has been committed most recently. The three core themes of this story are Version of Reality, Mortality, and Time. It’s safe to say that Edgar Allan Poe's short story disrupts a version of reality. Sometimes it becomes difficult for us to admit anything, but this can never change the truth or reality. The story of a murder can be heard via words and via the writer’s version of reality. The theme of mortality is depicted because we actually know the name of the murderer; however, we are not able to understand his motives. The story of The Tell-Tale Heart is about the fear of death and suffuses with a sense of mourning and feelings of sadness. The structure of Time is fairly straightforward in the beginning. As the story moves on, it confuses and eludes us in a lot of ways. The main characters of The Tell-Tale Heart are an unnamed narrator and an old man. The literary device used in this story is Symbolism, as the narrator talks about a watch a couple of times, which is an auditory and visual representation of time.

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