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Healthcare Current Event (Healthcare and finance) (Essay Sample)

Healthcare Current Event Look through the newspaper (preferably) and find a recent article related to Healthcare and finance. Write a short summary of the article and your personal reflection. Be prepared to present this in class. Healthcare Current Event Criteria POINTS Recent article related to healthcare and finance 2 Summary of the article 4 Personal reflection on this issue 2 APA format, grammar, spelling, punctuation & references 2 Total Points 10 source..

Healthcare and finance
Healthcare and finance
Summary of the article
This article has documented strategies of financing healthcare and improving services in the primary healthcare facilities. The article is based on research review of literature in primary healthcare management. This article documents various strategies that will improve healthcare delivery performance and service processes. The article also provides major steps of problem identification and formation of the coverage universal healthcare policy. The article has also detailed the financial problems in healthcare service delivery. Factors leading to efficiency in delivery of quality services, affordability, and accessibility were also examined in this article. The article provides financing contribution to research on delivery of primary healthcare. The author indicates that a major challenge is lack of financing healthcare within the healthcare decentralized system.
The article provides a practical blueprint that helps the stakeholders to develop a measurement of performance system for healthcare services in order to rationalize the process of resource allocation that promotes continuous improvement of financial strategies in healthcare. The article recommends employment of management practices that dea...
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