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Gun Control In America: Lenient Gun Laws (Essay Sample)


This is the task from the teacher:
Use information from the preparation material and your knowledge about issues in English-speaking countries to discuss how to influence society through your decisions. Your text should include:
• An introduction
• A presentation of a political or social issue in an English-speaking country
• A discussion of how different decisions may have an impact on society.
• Reflections on what sacrifices one must be willing to make in these cases
Feel free to add other relevant points. Give your text a suitable title.
Write about issues in America such as gun control and the march for our lives protest against school shooting. I am against guns in America so if you could make one of the five paragraphs arguing against guns that would be good! but maybe in another paragraph, you can say that some Americans will have guns in their counties. I´m not that good at writing, but I hope you understood what I meant here!
My teacher requested us to write a five-paragraph essay so if you can write a five paragraph essay with a formal text/language that would be awesome! and please add some resources as well.
I want a B or B+ (or higher) on this essay so if that is possible that would be great!


Gun Control in America
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The United States has long been suffering from the consequences of having lenient gun laws, and there are numerous other, relevant issues too. Fortunately, the 2nd amendment has allowed people to carry firearms to ensure their safety and protection. Today, various Americans see the bearing of weapons as one of their rights, but the others see it as holding the country back. Why is gun control such a problem for America? What should the government do to protect the citizens? How could this developed country update its policies regarding gun control? The costs of gun violence (fatally and medically) in this country are nearly $220 billion per year (Gius, 2017).
By no means, the use of weapons can be justified. Rather than allowing people to bring their own weapons with them, the government should implement some policies as soon as possible. Hundreds to thousands of people railed in Washington and New York in recent months for the March for Our Lives protest, advocating gun control. Some of them were jailed while the others were warned not to be a part of such marches. This march was marked most powerful and dramatic in the history, urging teenagers to come forward and raise their voices against the government, in the wake of mass shootings in Florida and other parts of the country (Street, 2016).
The March for Our Lives signaled that the renewed push for gun reform has been gatherin

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