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Guidance and Discipline Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Good parenting and good teaching have something in common. They both aim for loving our children well. Is that a walk in the park all the time? Of course not. If it were, we wouldn’t need courses like this to help us through. The questions you now need to ask yourself are:
What type of parent or teacher would you want to be?
How would you best communicate?
How would you discipline?
Part A
Identify a television show or movie for each of the following:
one that depicts an authoritarian style of parenting
one that depicts an authoritative style of parenting
one that depicts a permissive style of parenting
Explain the effect that each of the three styles has on the children in the show.
Part B
Select one (1) of the communication topics from Chapter 7 (effective communication, reflective listening, problem solving, etc.). Create a parent-friendly flyer describing at least two (2) ways that parents might use your selected communication strategy with young children.
Part C
For the scenario below, determine which type of related consequence is most appropriate. Provide two (2) supporting facts to justify your answer, citing your sources.
Scenario: Basilo was pretending to cook dinner in the house area when Salena grabbed a plate away from him and said, “Boys don’t cook.” Basilo replied, “Yes, they do. My daddy cooks!” as he grabbed onto the plate. The children continued their tug-of-war until you intervened.


Guidance and Discipline
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Guidance and Discipline
Authoritarian Style of Parenting
This style is always autocratic and characterized by a low level of responsiveness and a high level of demand (Rudy et al., 2001). Authoritarian parents are usually rigid and set stringent rules to be followed by their children. They feel that by setting rules, they show love to their children and keep them out of trouble. Any misbehavior is punishable. They hold their children to high morals and achievements. The desire for discipline overrides any aspect of the relationship. They believe that power rests with parents and that children are powerless (Rudy et al., 2001). When asked why they set rules, they usually say "because I am your parent" or "because I have said so."
The Red Foreman from That 70's Show is an example of a TV show which shows authoritarian parenting. Red is a father of two children Laurie and Eric. Red is assertive and sets rules that his children must follow. He is a no-nonsense father who favors his daughter Laurie over his son Erick. He often referred to Erick as a dumbass because he felt that he always messes around. When Erick stepped out of his rules, he could punish him severely and could threaten him physically. He underestimates Erick saying he was not a man enough and did never allowed him to drink beer, saying that beer is for grown men.

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