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Guidance and Discipline 08 Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Let’s say you have been reflecting on your first few weeks as a preschool teacher. You often find yourself asking yourself things like, “Is this child just grumpy, or is there something more going on?” “Why aren’t the children cooperating?” “How can I manage this negative behavior that is occurring? Is there something more I can do?” With that in mind, consider the scenarios in Part A and Part B.
Part A
Three-year-old Tommy is crying and upset because he can’t draw a truck like Sam’s.
For this scenario
Determine the cause of the behavior. Provide one (1) supporting fact to justify your answer, citing your source.
Develop a guidance approach that you might use to address the cause of the behavior. Provide one (1) supporting fact to justify your approach, citing your source.
Part B
The block area is a popular area within the classroom. By the time clean-up arrives, nearly every block is on the floor. As clean-up is announced, children move to other areas, refusing to assist in clean-up of blocks.
For this scenario, describe
two (2) possible causes
two (2) possible guidance strategies. Justify your strategies.


Guidance and Discussion:
Guidance Strategies to Respond to Child Behaviors
[date]Part A - Tommy
Children, age 3, has a cognitive milestone that allows them to play make-believe and assemble toys (Jersild, 1954). It means that children in that bracket of age should already be able to set apart characteristics and distinguish differences. At an early age, a child's judgment is developing towards maturity, and it starts with getting familiar with what the child's senses can acknowledge.
The first situation says that the child shows dissatisfaction with his drawing skill in comparison with a classmate's. The child's upset feeling manifests through his crying over the situation. A three-year-old child has an emotional milestone wherein they start to express different emotions that may or may not be new to them (Jersild, 1954). Crying is the child's way of releasing the emotion he is currently feeling about the situation. However, despite the ability to express the emotion, there may be other factors why the child gets frustrated with not being able to do like the other (Fullard, McDevitt, & Carey, 1984). There may be external influences that surround the child for him to react in such a way in that situation. The initial theory is that the child may have been exposed to a particular art style, and he perceives it as good art. Seeing that good art in his classmate's work, he will not help but compare his work to the other. This may affect the child's perception and judgment of his abilities in one way or another (Fullard, McDevitt, & Carey, 1984). Another factor that can influence the child's feeling about his skills and abilities is how the adults or guardian, whom he may see as the expert, reacts to him or what he does.

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