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Growth and Development - Discussion question 1 (ch. 3-5 ) (Essay Sample)

Use Apa format and specific page number from the text should be cited/provided. (reference page, cover page “not required”). Your internship site is the boys and girls Club ages 6-18 Major child development ( extra info if needed). Use Apa format and specific page number from the text should be cited/provided. (reference page, cover page “not required”). REQUIRED T EXT : Sweitzer, H. F., & King, M. A. (2009). The successful internship: Personal, professional, and civic development (Third Edition). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning Information for(chapter 5 question 3) One of my goals is “enhancing my ability to provide positive growth and development and to recognize programs that addresses today most pressing youth issue”. source..

Growth and Development

Growth and Development
The youth face many problems in the world today. For instance, the youth are subjected to low self-esteem, drug and substance abuse among others. These problems in turn affect the wellbeing of the youth in terms performance. Owing to the logic above, my main objective is to enhance an individual’s growth and development as well as identify programs that attempt to come up with the preeminent elucidations to today’s most persistent youth issue.
Ch. 3
Morale depicts the ability for an individual or a group to exhibit discipline, assurance and enthusiasm while carrying out a task (Sweitzer & King, 2009). Morale is crucial in ones existence as it boosts ones a drive to accomplish particular goals or tasks that one targets to accomplish within a specific spurn of time.
Task accomplishment is defined as the ability of one to perform definite task to his or her fulfilment and ensure quality results at the accomplishment of the undertaking.
Actualization of one’s personal goal is very fundamental in an individual’s wellbeing. For instance, during interviews for either internship or employment opportunities, the employers evaluate an employee’s ability by his or her objectives either in life or the organization. Hence, an individual’s objectives dictates an individual’s existence in the realm as aims give an overall personal measure of one’s ability. Thus, a primary locale to base ones dimensions.
Internships tend to create eagerness in an individual. For example, in my case my personal attributes and beliefs hinder my relations as I find it hard to freely mingle with co-workers and the supervisor generally as I tend to believe that they are superior and higher caliber than me. This in the long run results affects ones performance due to lack of trust in ones work.
Owing to the above delinquent mentioned in the above paragraph, I realize disillus...
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