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Greek Cultural Experience Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


write about a recent experience (i.e., within the past 1-2 years) that you might have had of a different culture. You can choose from: a new cuisine, music/musical event (e.g., festival) religious service, foreign movie, dancing lessons/dancing night out, or cultural festival
please be sure to be specific on what experience for example if its food makes sure to specifics on exactly what you ate. And if it is an event be specific and focuses on that event. Don't make the essay generalizable to all greek culture. Choose a specific part of greek culture and talk about it.
1. What experience you have chosen
2. Why you have chosen it
3. What you thought it would be like (before you tried it)
4. What it was actually like (after you tried it)
5. If you would/would not like to try it again


Greek Cultural Experience
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Greek Cultural Experience
I have chosen Yiasou Greek experience that I attended two years ago. It was a very informal intercultural experience that I enjoyed. The event was held at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral and its surrounding parking lot. There were many things to observe and purchase as well. From music to artwork to food, all in Greek Culture, it was a new experience. This was the time I almost became Greek.
I chose Yiasou Greek Festival because it is one of the most prominent annual events in the Greek culture that attracts thousands of tourists around the world. It features authentic Greek cuisine, live music and dancing, Hellenic cultural exhibits, homemade pastries, wine tasting, entertainment, art, shopping and more ( This is the time of the year that everybody can be Greek. This event gave me the opportunity to learn more about the cultural practices of Greece. It is a big party that celebrates the country’s heritage. During the event, people talk about Greek faith and church, visit the Greek cultural Exhibition, and the Holy Trinity Cathedral (Banker, 2020). Visitors are offered delicious homemade foods and pastries like roast lamb, baklava, Athenian baked fish, Greek salad, and Grecian baked chicken.

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