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What Is The Debate Between Great Books vs. Popular Books? (Essay Sample)


Claim: What is the debate between “great books” vs. “popular books”?
Example and Explanation: What has been the focus for contemporary publishers when finding a book manuscript to purchase? Find one publisher as your example: do they mainly publish "great books" or "popular books"? Why?
Your posting is expected to be well-composed, 2-3 paragraph, 350-500 words writing directly responding to the question. Incorporation of course textbook content and solid examples coming from either external research are always expected and will be used to evaluate the quality of your posting. For how substantive postings are evaluated in this class, please refer to the CREER rubric.


Great Books vs Popular Books
Great Books vs Popular Books
Publishers publish great books as opposed to popular books. This is because these are books that will continue to give them value for the long-term. Publishers look for books that have life in that they will not go ‘out of fashion’ within a short while. Great books are those that have uniqueness in the story such that even though they are not instantly popular, they slowly gain momentum. Just because a book has a broad appeal at the moment, if it is not meaningful in the long-run it will not be appealing to the publishers. Publishers want new perspectives on a relatable theme but also something that can appeal for the long-term to many audiences. While it is sometimes difficult to be totally original, cotemporary publishers look for great books that makes their work different from the rest (Green Leaf, 2018). Publishers are not looking for clones of already existing popular books that already have

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